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Review life and leadership

Meet to review

Meet to review life and leadership.

In a personal interview we evaluate together your strengths, weaknesses and grow-areas in your life and leadership. This can be done in a personal meeting and/or a meeting by Zoom or Phone.

This review interview can be supported by an assessment, possibly a 360 degree assessment. This helps to get a more objective insight and gives clues for your focus on improvements.

Enlightened Leadership

Re-Vision your life in your fields of concern and discover the improvement that is needed. Re-Vision and develop a broad vision!

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

MGSCC is an effective coaching program to help successful leaders and teams to become even better. It is an in-depth coaching program!
For more information: click here!

Resilience lifestyle Training

In this workshop the daily rhythm of life is central. Weaknesses and strengths in a person’s functioning are highlighted and evaluated with the aim of finding a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, in a way that also benefits the work situation. The lifestyle circle is the base.

The workshop is in three steps:

  • a preparation interview
  • workshop and analysis
  • feedback after 1 and after 2 weeks

Life Plan Review

Light to envision your future

An alternative ancient approach for light in life is the method of Vedic astrology, also named Jyotish or science of light. Its truthfulness is based on the predictability of the movement of the planets and the connectedness of everything in the universe.

It can be used to reflect on your path in life and brighten up future lines. It is meant to enliven the light of consciousness and can be applied to personal life as well as to your actions as a leader or team-member.

A map of the sky, with planets, signs and star-constellations, is made, on the bases of time and place of birth. This provides clues and light for the current situation and a perspective how to improve life and living.

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