A specific sitting posture
is not required
for the adventure
of meditation.

The adventure of meditation

The word meditation literally means “to go to the middle” (meditari). It indicates a process where you go to your own center, your own self. It presumes a method of experiencing silence and unwinding.

Withdrawing into oneself for a moment, taking the attention away from the environment, helps to revitalize and therefore to be stronger in life. A meditative experience is natural in itself and can arise in different ways. It assumes simplicity.

Reset your mind

A walk in nature, a beautiful view, the flowing of a river, sitting in silence, can give a meditative experience. It invites you go from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to reset the mind. It allows you to re-energize and live a life with a clearer and calmer mind.


It can give you just that little bit of benefit, balance and awareness you need to be successful and happy in your work, business and personal life. For leaders and managers, meditation is a help to not lose themselves too much in activities and responsibilities and to keep an overview of activities.

Although it is natural, meditation can be enhanced by training.
A meditation training can be part of a retreat or a coaching process. [It is primarily a mental exercise, a specific sitting position is not a requirement].

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