Executive coaching: Since July 2019 is mr. W. Burgmans (drs./msc) a certified executive coach in the line of Marshall Goldsmith. It is a program to sustainably improve the quality of leadership. See Marshall Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

“Choose to improve something and become
a better person and a better leader “

Team Coaching is an effective program in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centered coaching to improve the functioning of a team as a whole. See also: Team coaching.

Improving your Meditation Skills is another service that mr. Burgmans offers. Meditation can provide much-needed moments of rest and a return to energy and creativity. It is an exploration and development of the inner qualities of life.

Lifestyle Review as a topic for coaching and counseling can bring a new refreshing light to your life.

Mr. W. Burgmans is a psychologist by training (drs.). His experiences range from teaching, meditation and stress relief, meditation for managers, workshops and retreats, organization and coordination of retreats, counseling and coaching.

Muni in Muni Consultancy refers to Munindra. Munindra is the name of an eternal yogi. The name can be translated as ‘silent sage’ or ‘king of the wise’

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