Drs. Wil(helmus) Burgmans

To introduce

The main focus of drs. Wil(helmus) Burgmans has been coaching, management, and training. The main focus has been to improve human life through development of the qualities of the individual. As the individual self improves and benefits, the effect also extents to his immediate environment, as well as to the organization and, in a larger context, to society.
Leadership development plays a key role to develop organizations and more.


From an early interest in the spiritual value of life, he attended a high school for priest students; and, after it ended, graduated from a regular high school.
In the early seventies Wil Burgmans got interested in humanistic psychology and meditation. At that time, as a first year student, he made a switch from the study of physics to psychology. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Progress in society depends on the values of human consciousness and behaviour.
He graduated in the field of educational psychology, with as a minor subject physiological psychology, and a minor thesis about consciousness and meditation.
From Meru in Switzerland he received the MSCI graduation, for a study of Creative Intelligence in nature and human life.
In 1988 he was introduced to Vedic astrology. This was the start of a further study on this topic.

Professional experience

Already since his student time he has been coaching and teaching meditation in the Netherlands. Later he helped to establish meditation centres in Bali, Indonesia, and Poland.

He worked also as a teacher in didactics and educational psychology at a teacher training college in the Netherlands.

Together with two friends and colleagues, he started the Unified Field Management Team as a specialization for training executives and managers.

On request, he started to do consultations in Vedic astrology, personal readings as a help to review life and living.

Retreat centre and consultancy

Since the early nineties he has been connected to a NGO Retreat Centre in the Netherlands. His service at this centre has been all-round, with a focus on teamwork, management and coaching, receiving guests and groups from all walks of society.

Since 2000 he also offers services as an independent consultant with Muni Consultancy, among others coaching and recruitment.

Executive coach

Since december 2018 he is certified in 360 Stakeholder Centered Assessment, and since July 2019 also as executive coach in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (1 to 1, and team coaching).


Drs. Wil Burgmans works since years together with Franciscus van the Logt of Enlightened Leadership. Together they developed some of the programs.

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