Enlightened Leadership is leadership with a restful mind and a vision that life is holistic and one in essence. Leadership should serve humanity to get better. It should not only serve the own company, the team, employees, colleagues, customers, clients; it should also serve society as a whole.

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Journey to the source


In November, I had the opportunity to visit, together with a friend, places along the Ganges in India.
At the furthest point, I reached the source of the Ganges, Gangotri, where the water starts its flow. The closer one comes, the purer, cooler, and clearer the water becomes until it finally becomes absolutely clear and mighty. At its very source, it is a non-moving, stable glacier. One can compare the mind with it. The mind, full of thought and movement, has a silent source, which turns out to be a great potential for dynamic creativity, adaptability, and intelligence. 
To be clear and maximum creative, adaptable, and successful in the world of action, it is necessary for the mind to reconnect to its source now and then. It is necessary to refresh and purify his or her vision in this way. It helps the mind, with its incessant thinking, to regain strength, creativity, and clarity. It supports integrated leadership, enlightened leadership.

Livestream 29-3-2022

In our series of free webinars and online meetings we invite you to a very actual topic. The topic was inspired by the head of an ancient Dutch monastery Wim Verschuren. Wim recently at the age of 87 made it to the next world but not before leaving his legacy for #leaders “You can do it in another way”. You are cordially invited.
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Do it differently

You don’t have to let go, you can also hold on differently”. This is a saying from an old friend, who has been the head of a big international organization and, since then, a lecturer and coach. In case of any behavioral problem, this is absolutely a good advice. If a behavioral patron no longer works, you have to adapt your behavior: ‘you can also hold on differently” . Completely letting go and totally stopping the behavior can sometimes be a good thing to do, more often an adjustment will work fine. 

If people around you are involved, simply ask a question: ‘What could be done better? Why isn’t it working so well, what I’m doing now?’ A good chance you’ll get help to change your behavior so that it’s more rewarding..

“Letting go” is most applicable for psychological problems, such as unnecessary worries or fears, anger, jealousy, etc., ego problems. These issues are only disturbing and will disrupt your behavior. For behavioral matters, “You don’t have to let go, you can also hold differently” can be very meaningful and worth considering. Warm regards.

Review of meditation

A fresh mind is important to make decisions and choices. It helps to have a good overview of what lies ahead and to select the better option for action.

Meditation has traditionally been intended to turn the attention inward and to still mental activity. Meditation is a method to step out of the normal rhythm of the day and recharge your mental and physical ‘batteries’.

Meditation is traditionally meant to come to rest in your own self. The word meditation literally means “to go to the center” (meditari), to the center of your own person.

It is important that the mind consciously experiences silence and peace. A relaxed walk, a bike ride, being in nature, a weekend away, and also a simple meditation with a mantra, a sound or a word, can have this result.

The effects are not only for the mind. It improves the functioning of the physical body, it neutralizes stress and tension. It improves consciousness for a better live and living.

Lifestyle review

Improving lifestyle can be of value for a more fulfilled and rewarding life, and a more successful work experience.

Together with Franciscus van de Logt we developed a session to highlight, review and improve the daily lifestyle. Weaknesses and strengths in functioning both inside and outside the work situation can be considered. It is an evaluation of your experiences and how you can improve your lifestyle and how it will benefit your life and work situation.
A lifestyle review session can be done as one-on-one coaching and counseling, but also as group or team training.