Do it differently

You don’t have to let go, you can also hold on differently”. This is a saying from an old friend, who has been the head of a big international organization and, since then, a lecturer and coach. In case of any behavioral problem, this is absolutely a good advice. If a behavioral patron no longer works, you have to adapt your behavior: ‘you can also hold on differently” . Completely letting go and totally stopping the behavior can sometimes be a good thing to do, more often an adjustment will work fine. 

If people around you are involved, simply ask a question: ‘What could be done better? Why isn’t it working so well, what I’m doing now?’ A good chance you’ll get help to change your behavior so that it’s more rewarding..

“Letting go” is most applicable for psychological problems, such as unnecessary worries or fears, anger, jealousy, etc., ego problems. These issues are only disturbing and will disrupt your behavior. For behavioral matters, “You don’t have to let go, you can also hold differently” can be very meaningful and worth considering. Warm regards.

Gepubliceerd door W Burgmans

Dhr. Wil Burgmans is verbonden aan een ontmoetings- en retraitecentrum. Hij werkt tevens als coach voor leiders en teams; geeft consulten en workshops. Hij is opgeleid als psycholoog, en heeft zich verdiept in meditatie en de aloude Vedische kennis van India.

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