This website presents coaching services by drs. Wil Burgmans. It is an invitation to improve yourself as a person; to improve yourself as a leader; to improve yourself as a team member. It concerns both 1 on 1 coaching and team coaching.

Review and improve

Times change. Life and leadership change in the same way. Take time to review and improve life and leadership. It can simply prove to be a great value, a new rewarding step into the future.

Review life and leadership

Review of strengths and growth areas with the help of

  • Meet to Review
  • 360 Leadership Assessment
  • Enlightened Leadership
Improve life and leadership
Stakeholder centered coaching

“Choose to improve something and become
a better person and a better leader “

The adventure to become more successful as a leader with Marshall Stakeholder Centered Coaching. It is a simple formula to improve one or two areas of leadership growth with a major impact on other areas of leadership and life. It challenges leaders, managers and others to improve with Courage, Humility and Discipline.

For teams there is a program to improve the individuals as well as the team as a whole.


Meditation can provide much-needed moments of rest and rebalance energy and creativity. It is essentially a process of development of consciousness.


Since July 2019 is mr. W. Burgmans (drs./msc) a certified practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA) 360 and an executive coach in the line of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centered coaching; to sustainably improve the quality of leadership.

Mr. W. Burgmans is trained as a psychologist (drs.). He also did Vedic studies, into the value of consciousness for life and living.
His experiences range from teaching in higher education, training meditation for personal development; management in a NGO retreat-centre; counseling and coaching.
At the same time he also had and has his own consultancy, named Muni Consultancy.

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Muni in Muni Consultancy refers to Munindra. Munindra is the name of an eternal yogi. The name can be translated as ‘silent sage’ or ‘king of the wise’

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