The essence of the improvement of life and leadership is the development of consciousness. Be inspired… improve life and leadership.

Drs. Wil Burgmans


To enjoy and create results in life, it is important to develop your vision. What is your purpose in life, how you plan to develop it, how clear you are, what energy you invest, how determined you are? A good vision makes it easier for the future to manifest.


The most direct interaction is through your behavior. It is manifesting feeling and thinking and is responsible for friction or a good flow with your environment. To improve behavior is to improve this interaction.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

The program of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (MGSCC) offers a proven formula to better your behavior with the help of colleagues, employees, clients etc. It improves leadership and promotes the succes of the company.

SC Team coaching

SC (Stakeholder Centered) Team Coaching is a well developed program to improve the functioning of a team as a whole. See also: SC Team coaching.


Meditation can provide much-needed moments of rest and silence, a return to energy and creativity. It is essentially a process of development of consciousness and the inner qualities of life. It is a profound basis for improvement in various areas of life. It enhances resilience and a mindset to take a different approach for better results.



Mr. W. Burgmans is trained as a psychologist (drs.). He also did a study into meditation and the value of consciousness for life and living.
His experiences range from teaching in higher education, training meditation for personal development; management in a NGO retreat-centre; counseling and coaching.

Since July 2019 is mr. W. Burgmans (drs./msc) a certified practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA) 360 and an executive coach in the line of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder centered coaching; to sustainably improve the quality of leadership. He is also certified as Visionary Leadership coach (June 2022, as taught by Oleg Konovalov.

Mr. Burgmans has his own consultancy, Muni Consultancy.

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Muni in Muni Consultancy refers to Munindra.
Munindra is the name of an eternal yogi. The name can be translated
as ‘silent sage’ or ‘king of the wise’

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